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Data Glove Playground

The Data Glove Sequencing & Synthesis System allows non-technicians & non-musicians alike to play with sound via hand gesture control. Via a simple non-technical GUI novice users can manipulate sequencing & synthesis parameters in real time via 10 flex sensors & a 9 degrees of freedom inertia measurement unit. Flex pressure & pitch, roll & yaw can be used to adapt parameters such as sequence direction, pattern, tempo & subdivision - alongside synthesis parameters such as filter brightness, wave-shape, resonance and slide. Twist the sound via control of FX including size, number of repetitions & width. Learn the system & manipulate sound in real time - all without technical or musical knowledge.

Explore the world of the Data Glove Playground


Rotary Phone Sampler

We are living through a unprecedented time within the landscape of music production. The democratisation of music technology has empowered anybody to be a producer. Almost any aspect of a performance or a sound can be perfected within a DAW at the click of a button. The power or mobile technology such as the iPhone has led to a surge of creative possibilities available via platforms such as iOS and Android. It is now possible to have access to technology via the latest generation of smart phones that was unimaginable by the early recording pioneers. As we grow into the new century, will we approach the predicated ‘technology singularity’? Are we destined to be a civilization of prosumers? Where next will technology take the landscape of music production?

Explore the world of the Rotary Phone Sampler