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BA (Hons) Music Technology Specialist Future Media: Codec ABX Listening Test

Instructions: Find X

For best resukts, listen on high resolution monitors or good headphones

1: Select your choice of codec

2: Select your choice of mode

3: A test set is automatically created for you. Alternatively, select the files you wish to add to the test set and click the 'Add' button. You can reset the test set by clicking the 'Only These' button. The losseless file is always included in the test set

4: Listen to each file via the play arrow

5: Click the 'Start ABX' button to begin the test. During the test you can audition each file via it's play arrow and return to audtion 'X' via the 'Play X' button

6: Click the 'choose' button next to the file you believe is 'X'

7: Click the 'Show Results' button to see the results

Note: It may take some time to buffer audio depending on the strength of your internet signal

All files were converted with Sonnox Codec Toolbox and XLD