Wave Weld Released

Wave Weld

I am proud to annouce the release of The Wave Weld, a free algorithmic wavetable generator designed to create wavetables for any wavetable synthesis device. This includes Ableton's Wavetable, Native Instrument's Absynth, xFer Records Serum and Meta Function’s flagship paraphonic hybrid synth, The Wave Junction.

For more details visit: http://metafunction.co.uk/wave-weld/


Computer Music Magazine January 2019

Computer Music Magazine 2019

I am proud to annouce that I delivered a Max For Live masterclass for Computer Music Magazine which is featured in the January 2019 issue. Span across eight pages, with an accompanying hour long video, I walk you through the
process of creating your first Max For Live device: a simple digital distortion effect called Computer Music Degrader.

For more details visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkXz8sf-KwU


Abelton University Tour 2018/9

Abelton University Tour 2018/9

I'll be presenting two workshops at Ableton's Univeristy Tour in Jan 2019, with the awesome Milton Mermikides.The first is at the University of the West of the Scotland in Glasgow and the second is at Edinburgh College. We will be delivering our 'Breaking Out of 4/4 Time' presentation that we delivered at Loop 2017: explorsing the universe of rhythmic expression possible by challenging, bending or breaking the normative 4/4 or binary paradigm. This is via a M4L driven toolkit (informed by musicological and cognitive research) that empowers the musician to start exploring rhythmic dissonances both within and beyond the 4/4 binary mindset.


For more details visit: https://www.ableton.com/en/blog/ableton-university-tour-2018/


Abelton's Loop 2017

Abelton's Loop 2017

I'll be presenting two workshops at Ableton's Loop summit in Nov 2017. The first, entitled 'Breaking Out of 4/4 Time', is with the awesome Milton Mermikides and explores the universe of rhythmic expression possible by challenging, bending or breaking the normative 4/4 or binary paradigm. This is via a M4L driven toolkit (informed by musicological and cognitive research) that empowers the musician to start exploring rhythmic dissonances both within and beyond the 4/4 binary mindset. The second is entitled 'Learning Synthesis by Example: Wavetable', which explores creative and technical concepts surrounding wavetable synthesis using bespoke M4L devices, alongside musical application and a strengths and weakness / compare & contrast analysis.


For more details visit: https://loop.ableton.com/2017/program/


We Are Robots

We Are Robots

We Are Robots is a brand new music festival themed on the future and innovation of the music industry, including live performances, a day time conference, sound installations, DJ workshops and exhibitions. It runs at The Old Truman Brewery, London 2-5th Nov 2017. I will be a speaker on a panel discussing 'The Future of Music Tech & Music Production' on Thursday 2nd at 11am, alongside representing Abelton in the capacity as an Abelton Certified Trainer in their exhibtion space.


For more details visit: http://wearerobots.org.uk/


Kyma International Sound Symposium, KISS 2017

KISS 2017

KISS, the annual Kyma International Sound Symposium, is talks, workshops, demos, and live performances presented by Kyma practitioners, all connected by a unifying theme. This years theem is Augmenting Reality, and the symposium is held in Oslo, Norway 12-15th October 2017. This year I will be supporting colleagues from the London College of Music, Charlie Norton and Leaf Hillyer, delivering a presentation entitled 'The Augmentred Wormhole' on Sunday 15th Oct at 2pm.


For more details visit: http://kiss2017.symbolicsound.com/


Kyma Grain Cloud Processing


In this video, Meta Function demonstrate various granular synthesis techniques with a Symbolic Sound Paca sound computer running Kyma 7.


Kraftwerk Live in Dussledorf

Kraftwerk Live Dussledorf


In July I was lucky enough to see Kraftwerk perform the Tour De France LP Live in Dussledorf at the opening of the Tour De France 2017.


Roland MKS80 & MPG80 Super Jupiter Tweaking


In this video, Meta Function demonstrate various synthesis techniques with a Roland MKS80 & MPG80 Super Jupiter.


Minimoog Model D Processed by Eventide H8000FW


In this video, Meta Function demonstrate processing a vintage Moog Minimoog Model D via an Eventide H8000FW FX processor.


Depeche Mode Live London

Depeche Mode Live London


I saw Depeche perform Live at the Olympic Stadium in London in June 2017. They had the same band they used when Fad Gadget supported them on the tour for the Exciter LP in 2000.


Sequentix Cirklon Sequencing TB303 Devil Fish


In this video, Meta Function demonstrate sequencing a Roland TB303 with the Devil Fish mod via the Sequentix Cirklon.


Wave Junction Filter Routing


In this video, Meta Function demonstrate filter routing on the Wave Junction, a Max For Live synthesizer developed in partnership with Sonicstate.com. The Wave Junction is a four voice paraphonic synth with two multi-mode osc, three multi-mode filters, five LFOs, five Envs and a twelve slot modulation matrix.


You can buy the Wave Junction exclusively from Sonicstate for £19.95: http://bit.ly/wavejunction


AES UK Question Time - 'Technology and Creativity - Recursive Bed Fellows?'

AES UK Question Time

In May 2017, as the Chair of the London Commitee of the AES UK I chaired a Question Time style panel at Dolby HQ London that explored the relatiomship between technology and creativty.

L to R: Sarah Yule - Director of Channel Sales ROLI, me, Milton Mermikides – Head of Composition University of Surrey, Mandy Parnell – Mastering Engineer, Justin Fraser – Engineer / Mixer Avid Certified Master Instructor, Justin Paterson - Associate Professor of Music Technology London College of Music University of West London.


For more details visit: http://www.aes-uk.org/


Roland SH5 Oscillator & Filter Tweaking


In this video, Meta Function demonstrate oscillator & filter modulation on a Roland SH5.


ARP 2600 Filter Modualtion Patching


In this video, Meta Function demonstrate filter modulation patching on an ARP 2600.


RSF Kobol Xpander Oscillator Modulation


In this video, Meta Function demonstrate oscillator modulation on a RSF Kobol Xpander I & II.


Superbooth 2017

Superbooth 2017


In April I visted Superbooth 2017. Awesome event. Caught up with some good friends, played with some cool gear and saw some awesome performances.


For more details visit: http://superbooth.com/en/


Four Oscillator PWM on Synthesizer Dot Com 44 space system


In this video, Meta Function demonstrate pulse width modulation across four oscillators on a Synthesizer.Com 44 space system.


Wave Junction Released


In April 2017, Meta Function's The Wave Junction was released via our partners at Sonicstate. The Wave Junction is argubly one of the most powerful synths available in the M4L format featuring two multi-wave oscillators with user Wavetables and FM, three multi-mode filters (LP/HP/BP 2+4 Pole, Transistor model, Diode model), five full featured LFOs, five ADSR envelopes and a twelve slot Mod Matrix where fourteen modulation sources can be mapped to up to thirty modulation destinations.


For more details visit: http://metafunction.co.uk/wave-junction/
You can grab the wave Junction for £19.95 exclusively from Sonicstate here: http://bit.ly/wavejunction.


BBA at NAMM 2017

Big Bear Audio - NAMM 2017

In January I representted the Big Bear Audio brand at the 2017 NAMM show in Anaheim, CA. BBA manufacture the MP1 and MP1+ 500 series mic pre's which feature a discrete Class A mic/line amplifier with interchangeable DIYRE colour slot.


Visit http://www.bigbearaudio.com/ for more info.


Mono Junction Released


In Jan 2017 Meta Function released The Mono Junction M4L synth in collaboration with our friends at Sonicstate. The Mono Junction is a single oscillator synth with multiple wave shapes (including an interesting PWM mode) and several emulated filter responses (i.e. EMS/TB303/Moog).


The Mono Junction is free and can be found at:


Data Glove Playground


The Data Glove Sequencing & Synthesis System allows non-technicians & non-musicians alike to play with sound via hand gesture control. Via a simple non-technical GUI novice users can manipulate sequencing & synthesis parameters in real time via 10 flex sensors & a 9 degrees of freedom inertia measurement unit. Flex pressure & pitch, roll & yaw can be used to adapt parameters such as sequence direction, pattern, tempo & subdivision - alongside synthesis parameters such as filter brightness, wave-shape, resonance and slide. Twist the sound via control of FX including size, number of repetitions & width. Learn the system & manipulate sound in real time - all without technical or musical knowledge.


Rotary Phone Sampler


We are living through a unprecedented time within the landscape of music production. The democratisation of music technology has empowered anybody to be a producer. Almost any aspect of a performance or a sound can be perfected within a DAW at the click of a button. The power or mobile technology such as the iPhone has led to a surge of creative possibilities available via platforms such as iOS and Android. It is now possible to have access to technology via the latest generation of smart phones that was unimaginable by the early recording pioneers. As we grow into the new century, will we approach the predicated ‘technology singularity’? Are we destined to be a civilization of prosumers? Where next will technology take the landscape of music production?